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Mariamwas a 1st-century BC Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth, and the mother of Jesus, according to the New Testament. The gospels of Matthew and Luke in the New Testament and the Quran describe Mary as a virgin. It is the core concept in Christian theology that MARIAM conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit while still a virgin. The miraculous conception took place when she was already betrothed to Joseph. She accompanied Joseph to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.

According to the author of the gospel, Matthew, the Magiarrived at Bethlehem where Jesus and his family were living. She is again portrayed as the heavenly woman of Revelation. The Council stated that the Church Fathers "did not hesitate to speak of the holy Virgin as the Mother of God".Some Marian titles have a direct scriptural basis.

For instance, the title "Queen Mother"has been given to Mary since she was the mother of Jesus, who was sometimes referred to as the "King of Kings" due to his ancestral descent from King David.

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Explaining his rejection of Nestorius' preferred title for Mary (Christotokos), Cyril wrote:

Confessing the Word to be united with the flesh according to the hypostasis, we worship one Son and Lord, Jesus Christ. We do not divide him into parts and separate man and God as though they were united with each other [only] through a unity of dignity and authority... nor do we name separately Christ the Word from God, and in similar fashion, separately, another Christ from the woman, but we know only one Christ, the Word from God the Father with his own flesh... But we do not say that the Word from God dwelt as in an ordinary human born of the holy virgin... we understand that, when he became flesh, not in the same way as he is said to dwell among the saints do we distinguish the manner of the indwelling; but he was united by nature and not turned into flesh... There is, then, one Christ and Son and Lord, not with the sort of conjunction that a human being might have with God as in a unity of dignity or authority; for equality of honor does not unite natures. For Peter and John were equal to each other in honor, both of them being apostles and holy disciples, but the two were not one. Nor do we understand the manner of conjunction to be one of juxtaposition, for this is insufficient in regard to natural union.... Rather we reject the term 'conjunction' as being inadequate to express the union... [T]he holy virgin gave birth in the flesh to God united with the flesh according to hypostasis, for that reason we call her Theotokos... If anyone does not confess that Emmanuel is, in truth, God, and therefore that the holy virgin is Theotokos (for she bore in a fleshly manner the Word from God become flesh), let him be anathema. (Cyril's third letter to Nestorius)


Anna and Johacim The birth of Mariam aslo prophesied like her Son's Jesus Christ but in different story . Her mother "Hanna" and her father "Johacim" were barren so they prayed to God day and night to have a child and if they are granted one they vowed this one to be given for the service of God for life . Fortunatly their prayer was heard and the fruit of thy womb of Hanna was Mariam.And as their vow She was given for the church. Churchs built onbehalf of this reason in Ethiopia are called BaataMariam.

And Her lifestory goes like this in breif:

May 9 Genbot 1 ግንቦት ፩:

On this day took place the birth of our holy Lady, the pure two-fold Virgin, Mary, the God-bearer, through whom came the salvation of the race of the children of man. Her honored father Joachim was an old man, and had begotten no child, and he was very sorrowful of heart because of this, for he was not able, having no children, to bring in an offering; and his wife was barren, and there was a law of the priests that barren women should not bring in an offering. And the righteous woman Hanna was very sad, because of their failure to have children. And God looked upon their thoughts, and their good manner of life, and He, blessed be His Name, was pleased by the operation of His wisdom, that salvation of man should come through their seed. And whilst Joachim was standing up in the mountain, and praying at the end of the Fourth Day of the week, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and told him that God would give him seed, through which the salvation of the whole world should come. And he came down from the mountain, and being confident, with boldness of heart, through what he had heard from the angel of the Lord, he told his wife of the vision which he had seen, and she gave thanks to God.

And she believed that His word was true, and she vowed a vow to God that she would give the child, which should be born, to God, to serve His house all the days of his life. And after this, she conceived and brought forth this holy and heavenly woman, whose name was Maryam (Mary), which is being interpreted, "Lady", though there is another interpretation, "Gift and grace", and indeed she is the Lady of the entire World, and the Queen of all women, and through her we have found heavenly grace. Salutation to the birth of Mary. 'Without Saint Mariam there is no christianity'.


Mariam receiving the Convenat of Mercy

On February 23th Yekatit 16 የካቲት ፲፮ is commemorated our holy Lady Mary, the two-fold Virgin, the God- bearer, for on it He gave her the Covenant of Mercy and she received it from her Son, our Redeemer Jesus Christ, in respect of him that should celebrate her commemoration, or should call upon her name, or give alms to the poor, even if it were only [a cup of] cold water. And the Son of this Saint Mary after He ascended into heaven, taking her pure flesh [with Him], sat down at the right hand of His Father, having fulfilled every law of the Incarnation, with the sole exception of sin, and overcome the sufferings of the Cross at His own good pleasure and will, which He did for our salvation. And He left His mother Mary in the house of John, His disciple, so that he might love her, even as He committed him to her, saying, "Behold thy son", and He said unto that disciple, "Behold thy mother". Thereupon our Lady Mary lived [there], and she used to go to the tomb of her Son, that is to say, Golgotha, to pray there.

And when the Jews saw [her] there they were filled with wrath, and envy, and they wished to drive her away; but God hid her from their eyes. Then they took counsel, and decided to set guards over His tomb, so that she might not come there again and pray, but she did not cease to go there day by day, and the guards did not see her, because the covering of the glory of her Son hid her. And always angels were coming to minister unto her, and her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, visited her frequently, and fulfilled for her all her desires. Some of the angels used to take her up into the heavens and show her the places where the saints rested, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And all the souls of the fathers who had died from Adam until that time worshipped her, saying,"Glory be to God, Who hath created thee flesh of our flesh, and bone of our bone".

In thee we have found salvation, and thou hast become for us the haven of life from destruction through the Son of God taking upon Himself flesh through thee. And then the angels took her, and brought her to her beloved Son on His throne, and the curtains, which were flames of fire, were drawn aside on the right hand and on the left, and our Lord took her hand, and kissed her mouth, and said unto her, "Hast thou arrived, O my mother?" And He raised her up on to the throne of His glory, and He seated her by Him, and He described to her all the joy and gladness which eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of, nor heart of man imagined, which were prepared for her. And beneath the throne of glory she saw David, the King of Israel, her father, (with all the company of the prophets, and the angels, and the souls of the righteous, in a circle,) singing to the harp, saying, "Hearken unto me, my daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear. Forget thy people and thy father's house. The king hath desired thy beauty; he is thy Lord" (Psalm xlv).

And from there the angels took her to show her the place of punishment, and they brought her to the limit of darkness, which is prepared for Satan and his hosts, and for all those who walk in his ways. And our Lady Mary said, "Woe is me ! Who will describe this place to the children of men, so that they may not come hither?" And the angel said unto her, "Fear thou not, O Mary, God is with thee, and for thy sake with those who shall come after thee.” And then the angels carried her away and brought her into a certain place, and thereupon our Lady Mary sat down, being exceedingly sorry for all sinners.


And as it might be this day the sixteenth day of the month of Yakatitየካቲት, she stood on the Place of the Skull (Golgotha), and besought her Son, saying, "O my Son, swear to me by God Thy Father, and by Thy Name of Christ, and [by] the Paraclete, Thy Spirit, and by my womb which carried Thee for nine months and five days, Thee Whom the earth cannot bear up, Thee Whom the angels cannot approach, I adjure Thee, O my Son, by Thy going forth from me without exhaustion, and by Thy delivery which was painless, I adjure Thee by my breasts which suckled Thee, and by my lips which kissed Thee, I adjure Thee by my hands which embraced Thee, and by my feet which walked with Thee, I adjure Thee by the manger wherein Thou didst lie, and by the ragged cloths wherein Thou wast wrapped, O my Son, and Beloved One, I beseech Thee, and entreat Thee, to hearken unto the words of my petition, and to come to me, and to fulfill for me everything which is in my heart."

And when our holy Lady, the Virgin Mary, the mother of the Light, had spoken thus, our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ came down straightway, and there were with Him, surrounding Him, thousands of thousands, and tens of thousands of tens of thousands of angels, and he said unto her, "What shall I do for thee, Mary, My mother? What desire hast thou that thou wouldst have Me fulfill for thee?" And our Lady the holy Virgin Mary answered and said unto her beloved Son, "O my Beloved Son, my Lord and Redeemer, my Hope, my Refuge, upon Thee is placed my trust. Because of Thee I was strong in the womb of my mother, and in the womb which covered Thee, and Thou art my memorial, at all times. And now do Thou hear my prayer and petition, and hearken unto the word of my mouth which I speak unto Thee. I Thy mother Mary, I Thine handmaiden, on behalf of him that shall celebrate my commemoration, and him that shall build a church in my name, or shall clothe the naked, or visit the sick, or feed the hungry, or give drink to him that is athirst, or shall comfort the sorrowful, or shall make the sad to rejoice, or shall write the history of my strife, or shall sing a song at my festival; [swear to me] that God shall give him the good reward from Thee, which eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of, nor the heart of man imagined. I beseech and entreat Thee on behalf of all those who believe in me, to set them free from Sheol, and to remember the hunger, and thirst, and all the trials which came upon me through Thee."

And our Lord Jesus Christ answered and said unto her, "It shall be unto thee even as thou sayest, and I will fulfill for thee all thy petition; I became incarnate of thee, and I swear that I will not make any covenant with thee to be a lie". Salutation to thee, O Book of the Law and Covenant, like the Tables of stone. Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.


The Ussamption of Mariam

The Gospel of Luke begins its account of Mary's life with the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced her divine selection to be the mother of Jesus. So She is the first to receive the Hollyspirit before all human. According to canonical gospel accounts, Mary was present at the crucifixion and is depicted as a member of the early Christian community in Jerusalem. According to Orthodox and Catholic teachings, at the end of her earthly life, her body was raised directly into Heaven; this is known in the Christian East as Felseta equivalent to the Assumption.

January 29 Ter 21ጥር ፳፩:

On this day took place the assumption of the body of our pure, and holy, and honorable Lady, the Virgin Mariyam, the God-bearer, who is indeed the Lady of all the women of this world. And our Lady prayed continually at the holy grave of our Lord Christ; the Holy Spirit made known to her that she was to depart from this fleeting world, and then told the virgins who were with her from Dabra Zaytደብረ ዘዪት, even as our Lord told them. Then our Lady Mary prayed, saying,"O my Lord Jesus Christ, hearken Thou unto me, and unto my prayer at this time, and unto my petition, and bring unto me thy disciple, John the evangelist, and likewise all Thy disciples, both those who are living and those whose souls Thou hast taken, for Thou art the God of the living and of the dead, and unto Thee belongeth glory for ever and ever, Amen". and behold a cloud straightway took up John in the spirit from the city of Ephesus, and brought him to our Lady the holy Virgin Mariyam; and when he stood before her she glorified our Lord Jesus Christ. And John said unto her, "Rejoice, "O thou who art full of grace, who didst bear our Lord Jesus Christ". And the Holy Spirit spoke by his mouth, saying, "Thou shalt go forth from this world with great honor and glory, and after many great signs and wonders which our Lord and God shall make manifest by thee". When our holy Lady the Virgin Mariyam heard these words, she rejoiced exceedingly, and she prayed, saying, "Glory unto Thee, O my Lord and God Jesus Christ, Who hast granted unto me what I asked. And now, honor me by Thy coming with Thine angels, so that they may take my soul and bear it up with Thee into the heavens".

And straightway the voice of the Holy Spirit from heaven was heard, saying, "At this time all the angels shall come from heaven, and the Apostles from all the ends of the earth, riding upon the clouds, and they shall come to Bethlehem, for the sake of the holy and blessed Virgin Mariyam, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ". And straightway all the Apostles came, for those who were dead rose up from their graves, and they stood before our holy Lady the Virgin Mariyam, and said unto her, "Rejoice, O thou who art full of grace, for our God was born of thee. He shall take thee out of this fleeting world with great glory even as He promised thee". And straightway our Lady Mariyam sat down upon her bed, and said unto the Apostles,"Now do I know that my God and your God, Jesus Christ, will come to me, and that I shall see Him as I see you, and then I shall depart from this world. And now I desire you to tell me whence ye knew that I was to depart from this world, and so hastened your coming to me". And Peter and all the Apostles said unto her,"The Holy Spirit commanded us to come unto thee, and straightway we mounted upon a cloud of light, and we arrived where thou art in the twinkling of an eye". When our Lady Mariyam heard this from the Apostles, she lifted up her voice and said, "I praise and hymn Thy Holy Name, O my Lord Jesus Christ, my God, because Thou hast seen my suffering, and hast revealed unto me wonders, for Thou art Almighty; henceforth all generations shall hold me blessed". And when the Virgin had finished her prayer and supplications, she said unto the Apostles, "Bring me incense and a censer, and summon our Lord Jesus", and they did as she commanded them; and straightway our Lord Jesus Christ came.

And thousands of thousands, and tens of thousands of tens of thousands of angels, surrounded Him, and archangels, and our Lord Jesus Christ comforted her, and told her of the rest and joy which were prepared for her. At that moment many miracles took place; the blind received their sight, and the dumb spoke, and the lame stood up straight and walked, and the lepers were cleansed, and from those who were possessed of devils the evil spirits went forth quickly. And all those who were suffering from sicknesses of divers kinds, as soon as ever they came to the place where was our holy Lady the Virgin Mariyam, were healed straightway of their sicknesses, no matter of whatever kinds they were. Then our holy Lady the Virgin Mariyam said unto her beloved Son, "O my Lord Jesus Christ, I am afraid of the awful and terrifying angels who are in the air of the Land of Fire". And our Lord said unto her, "Which of them can have dominion over thee?” When the time for her to depart from her body drew nigh, the Apostles and the virgins who were there weeping asked her to bless them, and she laid her hands upon them, and blessed them. And straightway our Lord Christ took her pure soul in His Divine Hands, and He wrapped it up in a cloth of light, and took it up with Him to the habitation above. And her Son, our Lord, commanded the Apostles to bury her body in a fitting manner, and they carried it to Gethsemane. And before her soul departed, our Lady looked and saw a great light, which it is impossible for the tongue of man to describe.

And our Lord Christ said unto her, "Henceforth thy body shall depart to the Garden of Delight, and thy soul shall dwell in the abode of joy, wherein the angels shall praise [God] before thee". And our Lady said unto Him,"I beseech Thee, in the operation of Thy wisdom, to hearken unto my petition. Whosoever shall pray unto Thee in my name do Thou in Thy mercy receive his petition. Whosoever is in tribulation and shall pray to Thee in my name, deliver Thou him from all his tribulation, for Thou art Almighty in heaven and on earth. Bless everywhere those who shall celebrate the commemoration of my name, and accept the offerings of all those who shall offer gifts in my name.” And our Lord Jesus answered and said unto her, "Behold, I have done for thee all which thou didst ask of Me. Rejoice, for every gift and every honor I will give thee from my holy Father. And everyone who shall pray unto Me in thy name henceforward shall never perish, neither in this world nor in that which is to come, for I will be to him a kindly intercessor with My heavenly Father. "After our holy Lady the Virgin Mariyam was dead the Apostles prepared her for burial, and they carried her on a bier so that they might take her to Gethsemane, as our Lord commanded. When the Jews heard of this and they knew that it was our Lady Mariyam [on the bier], they went out to her, and one of them seized her bier with his hand in order to throw her off from it on the ground; and the angel of God smote him with a sword of fire, and cut off his hands, and they remained hanging on the bier. And then the Jew believed on our Lord Christ, and he entreated our Lady Mariyam with tears and repentance for what he had done, and he wept bitterly, saying, "Verily, O pure Virgin, thou art the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Thou God in truth, I beseech Thee to have compassion upon me". And through the prayers of the holy Apostles his hands were restored to their former positions. When the Apostles had buried her they remained there three days; now her death took place on Sunday, the twenty-first day of the month of Ter. And our Lord Jesus sent angels of light, and they carried her body away from the grave, and laid it under the Tree of Life, which is in the Garden of Delight.


Now Thomas the Apostle was not present at the time of her death, but as he was coming on the cloud, he found her body with the angels. And one of the angels said unto him, "Make haste and salute the body of the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mariyam"; and he made haste and saluted her. And when he came to the Apostles they told him how our Lady Mariyam was dead, and he said unto them,"I did not know it until I saw her body, even as ye made me to know when I doubted the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And when he came to the grave to see the body of our Lady Mariyam, and they opened the grave, they could not find her body; and they were amazed and marveled exceedingly. And straightway Thomas told them how he had saluted her holy body as the angels were carrying her up [to heaven]. And the Holy Spirit said unto them, "God doth not wish her body to lie in the earth". And God made a covenant with the Apostles that even as He had shown Himself, so He would show her to His servants a second time, and He bade them wait until the seventeenth day of the month Nahase (Aug.- Sept.); and He fulfilled the covenant. And all the days of her life were sixty years; twelve years she lived in the Temple, three and thirty years she lived with Joseph, and after the Resurrection of our Lord Christ she lived for fifteen years in the house of John the evangelist, even as our Lord commanded her when He said unto her, "Behold thy son", and to John, "Behold thy mother". Salutation to the going forth of thy soul from the body without fear of death. Salutation to the going forth of thy soul, and to thy death, which was like unto a marriage.

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